narrow margins.

May 7, 2008

As promised, here is another photo from the political rally we attended a couple weeks back. It was for Hillary, at Coveleski Stadium. While I had already decided that I was most likely to vote for Obama, B was undecided and I thought going to any political rally was important at 8.

I thought that we had another Obama supporter in the family when he turned to me as we were leaving the rally and said, “That was even more boring than I thought it was going to be.”

But he told me last night, before he went to bed, that he hoped that Hillary won our primary (which she did, by a narrow margin) because there are more sexists than racists in this country – and they should be led by a woman so that they learn that girls can do anything.

When I asked him if that was really true, that there was more sexism than racism, he replied: “Of course! Boys of all colors play football together during recess, but almost all of those boys say that girls shouldn’t be able to play football with them.” Barry Thorne would be proud.

I wonder, though, if this is just an age thing – where gender stands out so prominently in elementary school – or if race might matter less to this next generation. Only time will tell.


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