I think I’ll hold off, though. I don’t need this book so desperately that I can’t hold out for inter-library loan.

(and yes, I realize this is the library binding and that I can get the paperback used for $30, but I almost had a heart attack when this was the first thing that came up from my search)


apples and oranges.

June 29, 2008

summer lovin’.

June 29, 2008

Notice the same institutional gray walls as in my previous post. Guess where I’m spending my Sunday?


June 28, 2008

I work in a building that’s falling apart. Well, actually the building is just fine, but the “name plates” (I use that term loosely, as it’s really a little bulletin board thing where they pin a laminated card with our name) are a disaster. This last week two separate plates on my floor have fallen off. Mine is still on, and on tight, but as crooked as can be.

I’m sort of hoping it falls so someone can put it up again, but level this time.

fed up.

June 27, 2008

I forgot to pack my camera today, so there’s no image to go with this one, but I am absolutely and completely fed up today. To mix it up, I’ll write this in red:

I wish I lived in a world where a Friday was a Friday, but tomorrow’s a work day like any other and Sunday is far from a day of rest, particularly when you’re figuring out how to turn a paper around – once again – and particularly when said paper has been floating around with R&Rs at a number of journals and every time it looks like it’s just about to see the light of a binding there’s some “new” set of eyes waiting in the wings that the editor sends it to who brings up all new issues (many of which are what they are because you pacified other reviewers) and whose comments results in the editor sending the paper back to you and asking you to substantially revise it, again.

now, and then.

June 26, 2008

I took this picture of my fruit bowl today (it’s clearly ready to be replenished).

And it reminded me of another photo I had, of Baedyn after he got into the fruit bowl while I had my back turned, making dinner.

at last!

June 26, 2008

I love this show. It’s just what the world needs (particularly the part of the world that also reads occasionally reads comments like these on The Superficial).

six weeks and counting.

June 24, 2008

I bought myself a voodoo doll (to pamper, of course, because I believe in positive reinforcement).


June 23, 2008

One of my favorite parts of South Bend’s small-town baseball games is the mascot:

The vegetable races, Omar’s favorite, are another highlight:

the last in the series.

June 21, 2008

So my new camera has arrived. Along with it came some inspiration for my writing, so it’s best that I stop the long posts on times past for now and get back to work. It’s fitting that the last of the the “floppy” pictures I post is one of the last ones I took with the infamous Sony Mavica camera.

The summer of 2002, just a few months before B turned three, we took our first serious road trip. I – and I’m not sure how I convinced myself this was a good idea but I think I was high on the “indepedent divorcee” thing – packed up a used Jeep Cherokee that I’d just purchased to replace my 1974 VW Bug and drove from Tucson to Seattle, just me and an almost three year-old Mr. B.

The car over-heated the first day and blew some important pump, but we made it to Ridgecrest, California (the gateway to Death Valley, they say), where I luckily knew a mechanic who fixed my car at cost and got me back on the road. We made it to San Francisco, then Redding, then Portland, and then Seattle without incident (save one of my worst parenting moments in a parking lot in Portland).

We did a lot of great things in Seattle that year. My parents had just sold their house in the suburbs and moved into a fabulous condo downtown. We were walking distance to the market and the aquarium and Ivars and a short bus ride to the Seattle Center and other fun places. We even took a little trip to Snoqualmie Falls “The Island of Sodor” and met Thomas, Sir Top’em Hat, and others of Thomas’s friends. It was a fabulous time.

The last pictures, though, before I dropped the camera, were at the Woodland Park Zoo and this one has always been one of my favorites. I adore this kid and the picture captures many of the reasons he’s so special to me. How could you not love this guy?