June 19, 2008

Four months after Baedyn was born, we moved from Rock Hill to Tucson. It was only late January and I wasn’t set to start graduate school until the fall, but we decided to get a head start and settle in long before that transition.

The move itself was rough. A snowstorm hit the week we left and made us continuously detour further and further south as we headed westward. I spent most of the ride sitting in the backseat of a 1997 Honda Civic with a carseat, a baby, and a staff. We arrived thinking it would be warm in Tucson (we were wrong) and had no heat or hot water for the first few nights. We had no furniture for the first week. You know those windows that the movers give? Well, for us, February 3rd-9th meant the ninth.

The first night we roughed it on the floor in sleeping bags. The second night we went to a hotel. On the third day we bought an air mattress. Sometime in those first few days we also bought the only other piece of “furniture” we would have until our things arrived – the Super Saucer. It was a life saver!


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