fed up.

June 27, 2008

I forgot to pack my camera today, so there’s no image to go with this one, but I am absolutely and completely fed up today. To mix it up, I’ll write this in red:

I wish I lived in a world where a Friday was a Friday, but tomorrow’s a work day like any other and Sunday is far from a day of rest, particularly when you’re figuring out how to turn a paper around – once again – and particularly when said paper has been floating around with R&Rs at a number of journals and every time it looks like it’s just about to see the light of a binding there’s some “new” set of eyes waiting in the wings that the editor sends it to who brings up all new issues (many of which are what they are because you pacified other reviewers) and whose comments results in the editor sending the paper back to you and asking you to substantially revise it, again.


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