July 20, 2010

* My parents’ anniversary was actually June 20th, but we were celebrating a month late, when we were all together on Orcas Island.


our first visitor.

July 20, 2010


July 17, 2010

As B likes to say, “Dim Sum good eatin’.”

Progressive politics even show up at the mall.


July 10, 2010

I was a camper for the first time at Camp four Winds * Westward Ho in 1987. Twenty-three years later, the walk in (and everything else) looks exactly the same.

I’d love to know the story behind this:

sangria scraps.

July 7, 2010

a shady spot.

July 4, 2010

That, bottled water, and sunscreen were the keys to enjoying another, unbearably hot, Taste of Chicago.